Why Are iPhone’s Features Late, Compared To Android?

Why are iPhone’s features late, compared to Android?

Introduction Recently, Apple completed their World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC 2021) which is their most famous software launch event. They went over most of their new innovations, which included iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and the launch of MacOS Monterey. However, for a lot of smartphone enthusiasts, the new features that iPhone got this year seemed … Read more

Top Five Common iPad Issues

Top Five Common iPad Issues. Soldrit

Introduction- Apple Inc. has been known to create exclusive smart products every time they launch something. With the Apple iPad, the promise has certainly been kept. Another top-notch product from the Apple collection, Apple Tablets is known for having the combined goodness of a computer and a phone. The Apple computers and tablets also have … Read more

List of Samsung Authorised Service Centers in Bangalore with Address

Samsung Authorised Service Center

Studies state that consumers prefer Samsung devices for their interactive display, performance and affordability. If there are any faults in display or functionality, customers tend to panic. A fair percentage of people would attempt to troubleshoot the problem through online resources. This is mainly done to avoid the stress of finding an authorized Samsung service … Read more

List of HP Authorised Service Centers in Bangalore with Address

HP Authorised Service Center

Why do consumers prefer HP? HP laptops and devices are highly durable in comparison with their competitors. This has significantly increased the brand image and credibility of the company. One of the notable aspects of the company is its tendency to evolve and upgrade its products consistently. Though these products are pretty popular, consumers experience … Read more

5 Ways You Can Ruin Your Tablet

iPad with Stethoscope On Isolated Background IPad Repair Bangalore Soldrit

Tablets have become a ubiquitous electronic device for people from all walks of life. People use it to catch up on some reading, binge-watch movies and series, conduct meetings, and so on. However, not everyone is dedicated to keeping their device in its prime condition. Tablet repair service near me companies regularly deal with customers that have ruined their tablets due to irresponsible handling and bad maintenance.

A lighter version of a laptop and a more diverse version of a mobile phone, tablets are unique and multi-purpose. This makes the care of such a device of great significance. Here are five things to avoid as they can ruin your beloved tablet:

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