Chrome VS Safari: Which Browser is Best?

Chrome VS Safari: Which Browser is Best?

Introduction- Since time immemorial, there has been an undeclared competition between every aspect of iOS and Android. The competition is not just between the two operating systems but also each and every feature of each of the said systems. In our other blogs, we have compared phones with both the systems as well as who … Read more

Dell XPS 15 9510 vs Dell XPS 17 9710: which is better?

Dell XPS 15 9510 vs Dell XPS 17 9710: which is better?

Introduction Dell updated their brand new 15-inch and 17-inch laptops in the XPS category. In the recent past, the XPS 17 was the obvious choice for most customers who wanted raw computing and graphics performance for high-intensity tasks. However, with some recent upgrades that have come into the XPS 15, lots of people have started … Read more

Lenovo Legion 5: Is It Good Enough?

Lenovo Legion 5: Is It Good Enough? Soldrit

Introduction Lenovo, one of the top computer manufacturers in the world, recently dropped their prices for customers willing to buy the newest Lenovo Legion 5. The Legion 5, the latest computer in the gaming lineup by Lenovo, has been hailed by gamers from around the world as the best gaming computer in the world. In … Read more

List of Vivo Authorised Service Centers in Bangalore with Address

Vivo Authorised service centers

Vivo has gained tremendous traction owing to its affordability and unique features. Consumers have been able to source the best components within their budgets. This upcoming brand focuses on improving the customer experience. The company has established a few Vivo authorised service centers Bangalore for the benefit of the customers. These centers work towards addressing … Read more

List of OnePlus Authorised Service Centers in Bangalore with Address

OnePlus Authorised service centers

Consumers prefer OnePlus for its affordable products. The company has made a name by developing avant-garde products at pocket-friendly prices. OnePlus phones always have great features and functionality. However, even the best products in the market tend to experience some technical difficulties. Customers tend to seek assistance from an authorized OnePlus service center for these … Read more

List of HP Authorised Service Centers in Bangalore with Address

HP Authorised Service Center

Why do consumers prefer HP? HP laptops and devices are highly durable in comparison with their competitors. This has significantly increased the brand image and credibility of the company. One of the notable aspects of the company is its tendency to evolve and upgrade its products consistently. Though these products are pretty popular, consumers experience … Read more

List of Dell Authorised Service Centers in Bangalore

Dell Authorised Service Center

An issue or malfunction on the laptop could be pretty traumatizing to the consumers. Though Dell laptops are reliable, it is not resistant to problems or repairs. Consumers seek assistance from an authorized Dell Service center in these situations. However, locating the Dell authorized service center in Bangalore can be difficult. Therefore, we have provided … Read more

All That’s Changed with Windows 11

Windows 11 logo in laptop screen Soldrit

Microsoft released their latest version of the Windows operating system a few weeks ago: Windows 11. A favorite of PC users around the globe, Windows was well received when it came out with Windows 10 a few years ago. With Windows 11, Microsoft has made a few changes to the design and the layout of the entire interface to make it more appealing for users. They have gone for changes that make Windows classy and sophisticated, imparting a clean and minimalistic vibe all throughout.

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