iPad battery replacement – Is it worth it?

iPad battery replacement

Introduction to iPad Battery Replacement The iPad is one of the most acclaimed products in the Apple lineup. The average iPad should hold up and function perfectly for several years provided you take care of it and don’t use it too roughly. Eventually, however, you will run into some battery issues. This is because all … Read more

How do I solve the iCloud Syncing Issues?

How do I solve the iCloud Syncing Issues

Introduction- Apple devices are known for working efficiently. One of the major credits for their fast and efficient devices goes to the impeccable iOS software created by Apple itself. One of the advantages of having iOS is how easy transfers are from one Apple device to another. The process is made so easy with the … Read more

What’s new about the iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 13 pro max?

What s new about the iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 13 pro max

Consumers and industry experts are always curious about new product launches. A new smartphone or electronics launch can be an exciting time for everyone. This is because of the effort taken by the developers. The companies spend ample time to upgrade their product. In the yesteryears, businesses took their time to introduce a product. However, … Read more

What is VPN and how it can help you?

What is VPN and how it can help you

Introduction VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network. A VPN extends a private network across a public network and enables the users of this network to share data across all networks as if their computers were directly connected to the private network. Hence, when a computing device is using VPN, it can get benefitted … Read more

Why Are iPhone’s Features Late, Compared To Android?

Why are iPhone’s features late, compared to Android?

Introduction Recently, Apple completed their World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC 2021) which is their most famous software launch event. They went over most of their new innovations, which included iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and the launch of MacOS Monterey. However, for a lot of smartphone enthusiasts, the new features that iPhone got this year seemed … Read more

Understanding iPad Liquid Damage

Understanding iPad Liquid Damage. iPad Water Damage Repair. Soldrit

Introduction to iPad Liquid Damage Apple while developing each product has a simple goal in mind: the best technology, beautiful design, sophisticated personality. Of course, all three goals seem simple enough in theory. But to combine all of them in a smart, modern, electronic device is what sets Apple apart. People lead busy lives now … Read more

Top Five Common iPad Issues

Top Five Common iPad Issues. Soldrit

Introduction- Apple Inc. has been known to create exclusive smart products every time they launch something. With the Apple iPad, the promise has certainly been kept. Another top-notch product from the Apple collection, Apple Tablets is known for having the combined goodness of a computer and a phone. The Apple computers and tablets also have … Read more

M1 MacBook Air vs M1 iPad Pro: Which one is the best for you?

M1 Macbook Air vs. M1 iPad Pro. Soldrit

Introduction to M1 MacBook Air vs M1 iPad Pro Apple released its greatest chip ever – the integrated M1 that has a combined CPU and GPU processor housed within Apple’s own hardware. Apple has placed its new chips on several devices, including the revolutionary M1 MacBook Air and the iPad Pro. With so many debates … Read more