Privacy Policy

The customer by utilizing our services via our Website/App/Other forms of interaction consents to the terms and conditions elaborated upon in this document. We urge our customers to meticulously review each of them in their entirety. Several other terms other than those mentioned here may apply based on the specific Services that the customers avail (please look in to our Privacy Policy and Payment Policy for additional details), which will perceptibly become a part of the agreement with, when the customer utilizes any of the aforementioned services.

Whenever the customer utilizes our Website/App and avails the various repair services offered through them (cumulatively dubbed the “Services”), the customers are subject to the terms & conditions detailed below (dubbed the “Terms”). By availing any/all of our services, the customer consents to all of our Terms, which may be updated/modified periodically on this page without prior notice solely at our discretion. Customers are implored to frequently review the most current version of the Terms, by clicking on the “Terms & Conditions” link provided in the Website/App. If the customer continues the usage of the Website/App or our Services after the latest changes have been posted, it will be assumed that the customer consents to those changes.

These Terms are a binding legal contract between you, the Website ( and Alterstate Technologies Private Limited (referred to henceforth as “Alterstate”), therefore we urge our customers to analyze the Terms stringently prior to availing our Services through our website. Furthermore, these Terms are in no manner or form meant to modify or constrain other terms or conditions that are in place due to any prior agreements that the customer may have with Alterstate, which comprehensively includes without any constraint, the privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) and payment policy (“Payment Policy”).

The Terms detailed here shall fall into effect from the date that your device (collectively identified as “Device”) is taken into possession by any of our representative(s) and it shall be in place until the device has been returned after the stipulated repairs have been carried out (or in certain extenuating circumstances where it is returned unrepaired), and the outstanding payment is duly received, whichever scenario occurs later.

Terms of Service

  1. All viable efforts shall be expended to repair the Device ensuring the highest care and efficacy. The fulfillment of the repairs is contingent on the availability of the necessary spare parts, extent of damage, along with being subjected to the limitations of the Terms of any applicable warranty.
  2. We shall notify the customer of an estimated completion time. The stated estimation time may vary based on the availability of the spare parts and the occurrence of secondary issue(s) (if any), and is hence not a binding obligation on
  3. Under certain extenuating circumstances, if we are not able to complete the stipulated repair(s), or if we deem that to complete the repair(s), additional costs may have to be incurred by the customer, we shall duly apprise the customer of any such notifications with immediate effect.
  4. In scenarios, where we are not able to procure the spare parts that are necessary to complete the repair(s) or unable to complete the repair due to the extent of the damage or other factors, the Device shall be returned to the customer without undertaking any repair(s), in an “AS IS” condition (which is defined as the condition the device was in when it was acquired from the customer). In such a scenario, the customer shall not incur any diagnosis surcharge.
  5. The status of the repair process shall be notified to the customer via Call/SMS/E-Mail/My Account page on the Website. Our customer service representative shall contact the customer regarding the delivery of the device to their desired location.
  6. After the pickup/delivery has been scheduled and confirmed by the customer, if the customer is unavailable at the designated location, the next pickup/delivery attempt will be chargeable at the rate of Rupees 10/- per km.
  7. Customers are requested to schedule a delivery of their Device within 30 days of our initial delivery request, after which Soldrit shall not be held liable for the safety of the Device.
  8. Customers can schedule a pickup for their Device from the website. During the pickup of the Device from the designated location, it shall be mandatory for the customer to collect a Job Card prior to handing over the Device to our customer service representative.
  9. If no fault is found on the Device or if the customer does not accept our price estimate, we shall return the Device unrepaired, and in such a case, a diagnostic fee of Rupees 300/- shall have to be incurred by the customer.
  10. On all repairs made by Soldrit, for all the component(s)/spares(s) that are replaced during the course of the repair process, we shall provide a part replacement warranty of 30 days, and a service warranty of 90 days, which comes into effect from the invoice date.
  11. Soldrit shall provide a fixed service warranty period of 90 days with respect to the quality of the spare and the workmanship, as indicated at the time of delivery of the device to the customer.
  12. The aforementioned warranty does not include faults that arise as a direct or indirect result of physical or accidental damage caused by the customer’s negligence in handling the device after it has been delivered. This encompasses scenarios where there is damage to the body/screen, liquid damage, missing buttons/knobs/panels, damage caused due to the use of batteries, chargers or accessories that are not approved by the manufacturer, including damage that is caused due to faulty software program or application, improper electrical power supply connection or surge/fluctuation.
  13. If the device under Soldrit warranty has been opened up, repaired, rewired or otherwise been attended to by any party other than a Soldrit technician, the warranty on the device will cease to exist.
  14. The service warranty provided by Soldrit does not include software-related repairs or extend to parts or components that are electronically non-functional, unless the warranty is claimed within 30 days.
  15. If a repair is to be claimed under Soldrit part replacement / service warranty, we shall require the customer to provide the relevant proof in the form of order ID /e-invoice.
  16. The estimated repair cost shall be conveyed to the customer only after the diagnosis of the device. If post this process, any secondary issue(s) arise, which may require additional spare replacement, causing the estimated price to exceed substantially, we shall obtain the customer’s approval before proceeding with the repair(s).
  17. If the designated repair is not covered under our warranty or if it falls outside the Soldrit warranty Terms, the cost for all such repair(s) shall be incurred by the customer. In such a case, we shall duly notify the customer of all charges before commencing repairs on the Device. In extenuating circumstances, where the cost cannot be determined prior to the completion of the repair work, we shall apprise the customer of the cost after the repair process has been completed.
  18. Mobile devices that are received from the customer in a switched off state shall be treated as “Dead” and the customer shall be appraised of the feasibility, and the actual cost of repair only after the diagnosis is complete.
  19. We shall perform rigorous testing before and after the repair process in order to determine if there are any additional issues with the device (other than those claimed by the customer). The customer shall be notified of all the issues that have been identified along with the pertinent repair costs. Soldrit shall not be held liable if any additional issues are identified as a consequence of the repair process itself.
  20. Customer shall duly return any standby Device or spare parts/components (if any) that are provided by Soldrit, on or before receiving the delivery of the original Device/spares from us. In case of damage to the standby device, the customer shall bear all the relevant costs.
  21. Soldrits’ sole liability along with the customer’s remedy for scenarios where Services cannot be completed, under the stipulated terms are: (i) Soldrit shall undertake the repair process again and rectify the functionality issue that has been caused as a consequence of the repair work, along with fixing any issue that has been left unrepaired (ii) In cases where irreversible damage has been caused to the device as a consequence of the repair process, Soldrit shall not be held liable for providing a replacement device. These remedies shall only be applicable under the warranty provided by Soldrit.
  22. Soldrit shall provide door-to-door pickup and delivery of the devices for the areas that fall within the Municipal Limits of the city of Bangalore.
  23. If the customer has any form of feedback/complaint with regard to their interaction with the delivery executive, the customers are requested to direct all such correspondence only to our customer representative.
  24. The customers are mandated to take a backup of the data on their device before handing it over to our customer service representative. Soldrit claims no responsibility for the security/storage of any such data and nor will it be responsible in case of dissemination of sensitive/confidential data either directly or indirectly.
  25. Any claim that shall arise under the terms specified in this document shall only be entertained if it is duly reported to us within 7 days of receiving the delivery of the device from us.
  26. Soldrit shall not be held liable for any scenario where the customer may incur direct or indirect losses with reference to, or as a consequence of the aforementioned terms.


1. How do I pay for Soldrit Repair Services?

All modes of payment are acceptable including and limited to Cash / Card / UPI / Direct Bank Transfer

2. Are there any hidden charges? (such as Octroi, Sales Tax and so on)

In the event of cancellation after diagnosis, a fee of 300/- Rupees will be levied on the customer.

The prices communicated for all the services will be final and all-inclusive. The price that will be quoted on the invoice is precisely what the customers will be insisted to pay. The diagnosis surcharge will not be levied if the repair process is carried out its completion. Furthermore, the pick up and delivery will be made free of charge.