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MacBooks vs Windows: Which laptop is best for you?

July 27, 2022

MacBooks vs Windows: Which laptop is best for you?

The majority of laptop buyers, though, will need to make a significant choice before clicking “buy”: Should they choose one of Apple’s high-end MacBooks or explore the wide range of Windows 10 laptops available? We’re here to support you in that decision.

When choosing between an Apple MacBook or the best Windows notebook, there is a tonne of important variables to take into account, from the software experience to the variety of machines accessible in each environment. Before you purchase your next laptop, make sure to read this.


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1. It’s all about the software

The software and user interface are what make the best Windows laptops and Apple laptops most different from one another. While both Windows 10 and macOS offer advantages and disadvantages, ultimately choosing between the two may come down to your own preferences and how effectively each platform integrates with your other devices.

If you’re a die-hard Apple MacBook user, macOS might be more your thing. You can effortlessly sync your MacBook with your iPhone and iPad to access information like calendars, contacts, notes, and even text messages on all of your devices. You may begin a task on your iPhone, iPad, or even Apple Watch and finish it on your Mac thanks to macOS’ Handoff function.

The most widely used operating system right now is Windows 10, which can be found on everything from high-end gaming rigs to low-cost entry-level windows laptops from a number of manufacturers. A Start menu for quick access to apps and a plethora of integrated Microsoft programmes, including Outlook and the brisk new Edge browser, are just a few of the characteristics that will be quite recognisable to anyone who has used Windows over the years.


2. Think about the apps you need

What apps you intend to utilise is perhaps more significant than the user experience. Both Windows Laptop and MacBook users have access to the majority of popular web browsers, productivity tools, and creative software, so either one should be adequate for regular online browsing, email, and standard office tasks. But the distinctions matter for individuals who require something more specialised.

Because of Apple’s sophisticated Logic Pro software and the user-friendly GarageBand app you get for free out of the box, Macs are well-liked by music producers. Thanks to well-known Apple-only applications like Final Cut Pro and Pixelmator, photo and video editors may also favour Apple’s MacBooks.

But if gaming is your top priority, Windows easily takes this contest. Windows 10 laptops may access thousands of the best PC games from a variety of markets, including huge blockbusters like The Witcher 3, Control, and Doom Eternal, provided you choose a device with enough processing power. While the more than 100 games on Apple Arcade and some important favourites like Minecraft and Cuphead can be played on MacBooks, anyone looking to play seriously should invest in a decent Windows laptop.


3. Consider your budget (and how much power you need)

Price will probably be one of your top considerations when purchasing a new laptop, and the types of systems available at various price points for MacBooks and best Windows notebooks might vary greatly.

Although Apple’s current MacBook series is straightforward and efficient, the company’s laptops aren’t the most affordable. The $999 Apple MacBook Air is the least expensive laptop available from Apple, and thanks to its outstanding new M1 processor, it offers the finest performance you can get in this price range.

You can upgrade to the Apple MacBook Pro series for more graphics power (great for demanding activities like picture and video editing), but the 13-inch MacBook Pro costs more, starting at $1,299.

On the other hand, Windows laptops range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Cheap laptop like the $499 Acer Aspire 5 or the $199 HP Stream will more than suffice if all you need is something for word processing, email, and basic web browsing. The $999 Dell XPS 13 and the $949 Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon, two of our top selections for the finest laptops you can purchase overall, are great options for anyone who need to multitask more frequently without spending a lot of money. There are also 2-in-1 convertible computers, such as the $649 HP Envy x360 13 and the $399 Microsoft Surface Go 2, that can function as tablets thanks to folding or detachable keyboards.

In conclusion, Apple’s selection of laptops is less intimidating, with three primary models that skew toward the more expensive end of the spectrum. The sheer variety and adaptability of Windows laptops, though, is unmatched, whether you need a $200 notebook for web browsing or a $2,000 powerhouse for the newest blockbuster games.


Three important considerations must be made when deciding between an Apple MacBook and a Windows laptop: your spending limit, your performance requirements, and, perhaps most importantly, the kinds of apps and software experiences you want to use.

For those currently using Apple products, MacBooks make sense because they seamlessly integrate with your iPhone and iPad. Apple’s high-performance laptops, from the new M1-powered MacBook Air to the premium 16-inch MacBook Pro, are especially well-suited for artistic jobs like photo and video editing.

However, a Windows laptop can be the right choice for you if you require something more budget-friendly or specialised. Windows notebooks start off far more affordably than MacBooks, and power users and avid gamers have a tonne of fantastic premium options.

You may choose from some of the very best laptops in Bangalore available right now, regardless of whether you pledge allegiance to Apple or choose to explore the world of Windows.


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