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6 Common iPhone Software Issues Fixed

September 3, 2021

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Don’t we all just love the sophistication and unmatchable innovation that our iPhones offer? Yes, we do! iPhone from the very first model till the latest one each iPhone has offered something unmatched and better from the last. Any iPhone repair service expert will tell you that while many android phones are good, nothing matches an iPhone when it comes to software.

However, even an iPhone can have software issues now and then which are easily fixable. iOS is actually not as complicated as people claim it to be. With the help of experts at Soldrit, a proven iPhone repair near me Koramangala.


Here are six common iPhone Software Issues and Fixes:

  • 1. Frozen Keyboard – In the digital age, we seem to spend an unbelievable amount of time typing on our iPhones and using numerous apps to connect and entertain. Therefore it is only natural that sometimes the keyboard freezes and doesn’t function. However, as any iPhone repair service expert will tell you it is a fairly common issue.
    Here’s how you can fix it- Firstly try to restart the iPhone a couple of times. If this doesn’t help then toggle off the Zoom app from your settings.


  • 2. Apps not Opening or Lagging – Phones have truly made life easy for humans since there is an app for everything. One can order groceries from one app and buy life insurance from another. Sometimes an iPhone is overfilled with numerous apps that are just space eaters and not even used frequently. This might cause some apps to not open. This can happen due to a software problem. Here’s how technicians from any Apple repair shop in Bangalore recommend you to fix it. Go to the settings, find the general tab and click on it. From there one will find the reset tab. Upon clicking on the rest tab, one will click on the Reset all settings tab and finish.


  • 3. Draining Battery – An issue that is not only common but very annoying since we use our phones for a number of important tasks. It can be extremely frustrating if your iPhone suddenly dies in the middle of a call or an important task. As confirmed by many iPhone repair Koramangala, the battery drainage can occur due to a number of reasons like a glitch in the update, heavy apps, processor slowing down with too much use, etc. Sometimes the operating system takes time to bring the device up to date with the new software. There are a number of ways to fix a battery drain the iPhone has a lot of data stored on the iCloud try to turn on the WiFi and then put the phone on charge. An unusual but effective fix.
    Another solution recommended by iPhone repair service companies is to uninstall any app that is putting too much strain on the battery but is not very often used. One can check by going in the phone settings and then going to the battery tab.One more fix is to turn off the Raise to Wake feature by going to the display and brightness tab in the phone settings.


  • 4. Not getting Connected to the WiFi – How would one use the several social media and entertainment apps without proper internet. People who run empires through their phones also need good and stable WiFi. If the iPhone simply doesn’t connect to the WiFi then that could cause a lot of problems. But not to worry, the solution is simple. Firstly, try to restart the phone a couple of times. If the issue still exists then go to settings and then click on the WiFi tab. Scroll down to the bottom and change the HTTP proxy to auto settings.


  • 5. iPhone freezing with or during Update – Again a fairly common software issue with the iPhone. Sometimes a new update and the processor may not go hand in hand or the phone in general causes the update to lag. In such a case an iPhone user should simply reboot their device and try to update again. If the issue persists after a couple of tries it might be a deeper issue that requires the expert assistance of an iPhone repair service.


  • 6. Unable to get the latest iOS version – What’s the point of using an iPhone and not being able to download the latest iOS version. The problem may be big but the solution is quite simple. Connect the iPhone to Mac or PC and force restart it. This will put the iPhone in recovery mode. An update option will be visible and once you tap on it, the update will start automatically. If the update option is not visible on the phone then try to use the restore. This will remove all the data and the newest software version will be available. The data can easily be recovered from iCloud.


Conclusion – These are the six most common iPhone software issues and their fixes. While an iPhone is superior to most other phones available, minor software issues are possible. However, any iPhone repair service expert will tell you that it is not so complicated to fix it.


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