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Tablets that are made by most companies use lithium-ion batteries that are constructed especially to last efficiently throughout the perceived life of the device. Because tablets are distinguished from other computers because of their large screen, batteries need to be more efficient to power those high-quality displays throughout the day. Powering high-consumption, high-intensity apps is another thing that tablet batteries are responsible for.

However, just like with any other battery used in a computer device, they are subject to eventual loss of efficiency and power. Frequent usage of the device for sustained amounts of time causes the battery to degrade faster in tablets. In most tablets, usage of the tablet for activities such as surfing the internet, emailing, texting via Wi-Fi, can make the battery run for up to 10 hours. However, the battery power consumption of your tablet depends on how heavily you use your device and what apps are used most frequently. If you play games that have heavy graphics or surf the web using the 3G or 4G data, the device will consume more battery life and your tablet battery power will last up to 7 to 9 hours only.

However, if your batteries are not as efficient now as you’d like them to be, they might be due for a change.

Common battery issues

If you see the following symptoms on your tablet, there is a high chance that your battery has come up with issues that warrant a complete replacement. However, we encourage you not to self-diagnose and book an appointment with our experts to get professional advice about your tablet battery.

Here are some of the symptoms you should look out for:

  • Battery doesn’t last as long as it used to/as long as specified (for a new device)
  • Certain sections of the battery are bulged, which also sometimes distort the screen or display
  • The device gets heated up very quickly when used for relatively less-consuming tasks
  • The device refuses to turn on even after being plugged in for a long time
  • tablet starts rebooting at random intervals while you are working on an app

Usually, when this happens, there is a reasonable explanation for the issues. After extensive usage of the device over the course of several years, the battery cycles of the device get depleted. As a result, the device is capable of holding only a fraction of energy it could hold earlier. Since battery cycles, once depleted, cannot be replaced, the battery will no longer be functional unless it is replaced.

Excessive charging of the tablet with incompatible chargers and power adapters can also lead to the degradation of the battery over time. A common symptom of using an incompatible power plug or charging cable is the constant overheating of the device and the plug while plugged in.

If your device is relatively new (less than 1 year), there might be a manufacturing defect with your device. In this case, no matter what you try, if your warranty has expired, you will have to get the battery replaced if you want to keep using your device.

How we ensure a great replacement at Soldrit

Replacement of your battery is a complicated process that needs the right tools, machinery and environment to complete. At our Tablet Battery Repair Koramangala service, we have the most experienced engineers from around the country working with us. We have state-of-the-art machinery that are required to handle complex components from the device and complete the job with precision and accuracy. We at Soldrit keep customer satisfaction at the absolute top of the priority list. To ensure that our goals are met, we ensure that we offer a warranty on all the replacements that we do. If you encounter any problems in your battery replacement within the warranty period, we will be happy to take care of it for free.

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Read our FAQs

What is the typical battery life of a tablet?

The batteries developed by Apple are great-quality, lithium-ion batteries that are meant to handle great workloads for a reasonably long time. However, every single battery faces a loss of efficiency with time and usage. While some newer tablets can offer up to 12 hours of battery life on a single charge, these numbers are true right out of the box only. With time, the battery cycles of the battery decrease and it settles down to a lower efficiency of around 8-9 hours of usage between charges.

Is there a way to increase the life of the battery?

Yes, there are some things you can do to prolong your battery life and keep the battery healthy:

  • Use original Apple adapters
  • Do not overcharge
  • Do not expose the device to high temperatures
Do all batteries turn less efficient with time?

Yes, all lithium-ion batteries used in hand-held devices in the 21st century have some tendency to lose their efficiency with time. Since batteries are consumable, there is no way to prolong this loss process indefinitely. Hence, a replacement is always needed if you want to use your tablet for a long enough time

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