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    Android is the most widely used operating system in the world when it comes to mobile devices. There are multiple brands that have a number of sub brands which offer devices that are based on the Android Operating System. This includes tablets which are popular for personal use as well as for studies and work such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Panasonic, Nokia, Microsoft, Lenovo, HP, and TCL. The big screen comes in handy for users as it provides something of a middle ground between smartphones and notebooks. Just like any other electronic device, tablets run into issues every now then, whether it is software or hardware. Soldrit has got you covered when looking to get expert standard tablet repair services in Bangalore. No matter which brand it is you will be able to find a repair solution with us.

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    Soldrit is your go-to Samsung, Xiaomi, Panasonic, Nokia, Microsoft, Lenovo, HP, and TCL tablet repair shop in Koramangala, Bangalore if you are looking for solid and enduring solutions to your device’s problems. There are many exclusive third party repair services in the market which will only provide repairs for top products as it is a premium brand. Android product repair does not provide a similar effort to return ratio. However, we do not follow this ideology, even though we do provide Apple product repair service, we do also support Android repairs near me as everything fundamentally is electronics and we see ourselves as an electronics repair service. We resolve issues including Tablet Motherboard Repair, Tablet Screen Replacement, Liquid Damage Repair, Charging Issue Repair, Audio Repair, and Battery Replacement. Soldrit has a team of passionate, certified, knowledgeable, and highly experienced technicians that provide standard Tablet repair services in Koramangala for software and hardware issues.

    Tablet Repair Estimates

    You don’t have to limit yourself to just any Tablet repair near me as Soldrit also offers doorstep repairs and pickup & delivery, on top of its walk-in service. Tablet repair estimates are readily available for obvious issues such as a damaged screen or battery replacement. If the problem with your Tablet is connected to the motherboard, a repair estimate is only available after diagnosis, which can take anywhere from a few hours to 3 days max.

    Doorstep Tablet Repair in Bangalore

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    What our customers say about us

    At Soldrit, Trust is what we strive for from our customers. Read and decide directly from their experience.

    My Samsung S4 got drenched in rain & had a water damage. I took it to Samsung Service Center first only to get an outrageous quote to repair. Then I discovered SOLDRIT through Bro4U & they fixed it for half the price. My phone is as good as new now! Kudos to SOLDRIT on that count!!

    I was racing an issue with my iPhone 5 where the start button was not working, since it was not under warranty period I was not able to get it serviced from Apple Store. I found about soldrit through my friend and heard they do repair iPhone and their service quality is very good, hence I decided to give a try and outcome is very good they got it fixed in a day with lowest price possible. I am very much happy with their service and the way they deliver the package with sealed pack and all its impressive. In further I am definitely gonna use soldrit service for any issues related to electronics items.

    There are two critical times I approached them for their services. One was a malfunctioning iPhone 6 which apple center said is unserviceable. Other was when there was massive water damage to my macBook pro. Safe to say both got rectified and with 3 months warranty too. Professional and quality service. If one thing I can cut a 0.5 star it would be about updating on the progress. If you call they update but they may not call you on their own on the time they said they will. Apart from that minor thing I gave 5 Star

    Data saved! I had 6 months of photos on my phone that I had lost all hope for. Soldrit repaired my completely water damaged phone wthout data loss in 1800 when everyone else including Mi service centre had given up! Service is a bit slow given the extensive amount of post repair checks that they do. But the repair quality is worth ten stars! The delivery back was nicely packed and they accommodated my request to save data well.

    One of the best repair service for phones. I am a repeat customer of Soldrit. Timely pickup and drop. Parts are genuine and not duplicate like many other repair shops. Have replaced Screen of Asus Zenfone 5Z two times. Touch and color clarity is as good as new. Their repair and craftsmanship is great. Prices are reasonable and customer service is responsive. Would highly highly recommend it for any kind of repairs.

    My ALTEC LANSING 2.1 speaker set bought in 2009 was repaired perfectly, even though the repair cost was higher than my F&D speaker set. I would definitely recommend this company for their reasonable service pricing and their professionalism.

    SOLDRIT is a really good laptop service center. They give free home delivery and repair at a reasonable price. responsive team. This is my 2nd-time experience with it. both times I was happy.

    They are the best. My MacBook stopped working so I took it to Delhi and showed to several high rated repair shops but they all gave up. Then I brought my mac to Bangalore to check it with Soldrit and they fixed it. When no one can help, not even Apple. Soldrit is the saviour.

    Got my Macbook Pro repaired. Excellent team and quick repairs done. Very Cost Effective. They also come home for servicing. Would highly recommend Soldrit if you are looking for a cost effective service.

    Vinith Kumar

    My experience with Soldrit has been exceptional – 2 MacBook Pros & 1 Bluetooth speaker. They do home pickups, regular updates during repair & the end result has been very good for me. I’ll recommend them to everyone for getting their gadgets repaired.

    Tamal Das

    Positive: Professionalism, Quality. Responsiveness, Value. The people out here are very much professional and result oriented. They helped me with my laptop. when I had almost lost all the hope. (due to parts availability). They not only arranged the part within 6 hours. they even extended their working hours to get the repair completed on the same day. Thank you. I highly recommend this.

    Satya Ranjan

    Google customer rating

    Read our FAQs

    Where can I get my tablet repaired in Bangalore?

    For all kinds of tablet repair services, you can visit Soldrit Tablet Repair Centre. We have a store in Koramangala where you can visit us with your Android tablet for repairs. We also offer a completely free pickup and drop service for your device if you can’t bring it over yourself. Here at Soldrit, we offer repairs for all kinds of issues that affect tablets – charging issues, screen cracks, battery issues, water damage issues, and even motherboard repair. To get your Android tablet repaired from top to bottom, Soldrit is the best one-stop repair shop!

    How much does it cost to repair a tablet?

    The costs to repair your tablet depends on several factors:

    • The model of tablet you’re using – Most new tablets have parts that are priced higher than their older counterparts, and hence, might be expensive to replace. The repair costs for tablets also depend on the availability of these parts in the market.

    Amount and type of damage – Screen replacements and other part replacements, which are simple processes, don’t take much time and skill. However, if your tablet has other issues like hardware/motherboard issues like water damage or motherboard problems, the costs go up because it takes a skilled engineer working with sophisticated equipment to make those repairs.

    Is it worth fixing my tablet?

    There are a lot of instances where a simple hardware problem can make your new tablet dysfunctional. This could be a large crack across the screen, little blue blots scattered on the display, or exposure to water. If your Android tablet is fairly new and doesn’t have a host of structural problems, it is worth getting it fixed. At Soldrit, we make sure that your tablet’s performance is preserved and it performs just as good as new even after some major  components have been replaced.

    Should I repair or replace my tablet?

    This decision is one that a lot of Android tablet owners have to make every time their device runs into problems. There are a few things that you need to consider here:

    • Can the issues with my tablet be repaired completely without causing any performance issues?
    • Am I due for an upgrade anyway?
    • Does the hardware of the tablet still support the latest software updates that the tablet company is rolling out?
    • Is the motherboard/screen still responsive and functional?
    • Is the cost of repair comparable to the cost of purchasing a new tablet?

    It is only after answering all of these questions that you can come to a conclusion about whether to repair or replace your tablet. In the end, you must realise that repairing your tablet is always a better option before replacing it, because that way, you ensure that you’re getting the maximum use out of one device before buying a new one.

    Is it worth getting a new battery for my tablet?

    Most tablets get discarded because they begin to have battery issues after a few years. That’s a pity because most of those discarded tablets are still functional with regards to software. To get the maximum use out of whatever tablet you have, replacing a dying/inefficient battery is imperative. Battery replacements also cost less than getting a new device, which also makes the decision to get a replacement battery financially wise. At Soldrit, we use only the best spares for your device, ensuring that your tablet retains the same performance for a few years more, and also lasts longer per charge after the replacement.

    How many years does a tablet battery last?

    Usually, companies make their devices last for 3-4 years without showing any significant loss in battery performance. However, if you continue to use your device after that time frame, it is not unnatural to see the battery percentage dip a little bit. In most cases, after 3-4 years of usage, battery performance falls by 30-40% and replacements are necessary.

    What are the signs your tablet is dying?

    If you’ve been using your tablet for a long time now and need to figure out if it’s dying, here are some telltale signs:

    • The battery doesn’t last as long as it used to
    • You can’t get a full-day’s work out of one charge
    • Device feels unresponsive and slow sometimes
    • Device struggles to load applications
    • Huge boot time
    • Device does not charge efficiently most of the time
    • Device shuts down abruptly with 10-20% charge remaining
    Should you change your tablet's screen?

    If your tablet is relatively new and doesn’t have any other structural issues, a screen replacement isn’t a bad option to consider. With our high-quality replacements, you can rest assured that your tablet will work as well as when you first bought it (if not better) after the replacement. 

    However, there are some differences in changing the glass of your tablet and replacing the display panel entirely. This depends on the kind of tablet you have. In some models, the glass and the display panel are fused together into one unit known as the display combo. That means that the outer glass can’t be replaced while keeping the display intact. In such cases, the entire display assembly needs to be replaced. 

    However, on other models, the glass and the display come as separate units. In such instances, it isn’t necessary for us to replace the entire unit to change the outer glass. If there are any touchscreen issues on the glass or it has cracked, those issues can be fixed with a simple outer glass replacement. 

    For more details on your tablet’s broken glass repair or replacement, contact a service professional for more details.

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