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A smartphone’s motherboard is one of the most important components of the entire device. Some might even say that it is the most important component of the device because without it, any and all computational calculations are rendered moot. The motherboard is the CPU of the smartphone and without the motherboard, the presence of all other components (like the screen, charging port or other hardware) does not matter. All digital gadgets, in fact, contain a component like the motherboard which is responsible for regulating the functioning of the device.

Significance of the motherboard

The motherboard is also referred to as a PCB or a logic board and is sandwiched exactly in the middle of the smartphone, right below the screen and above the battery and the back panel. All the components in the motherboard get their power supply from the battery. The motherboard often comprises the camera slot, a flash IC, RAM, antenna switch, power section, CPU, audio/speaker connection, SIM slot and Integrated Circuits. All the parts in a smartphone are directly or indirectly connected to the motherboard of the smartphone.

Possible damages to the motherboard

If you think your motherboard has sustained any sort of physical damage, here are some possible damages that have the ability to affect your motherboard:

    • Water accumulation inside the phone
    • Broken motherboard due to impact
    • Lack of power supply to the various components of the motherboard
    • Short circuit inside the smartphone
    • Inappropriately installed motherboard components
    • Dust accumulation
    • Loosely installed motherboard

How to know if your smartphone has motherboard problems

Here are some symptoms of a motherboard damage inside your smartphone. If you are facing these symptoms, there is a high chance that your smartphone has a motherboard issue:

  • Blank screen
  • Abrupt switch off
  • Unusually long response times
  • Error messages popping up frequently while using phone
  • Persistent problems in turning device on or off
  • Random battery percentage drop when fully charged or plugged in

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What is the solution to a motherboard issue in a smartphone?

Most issues are solved by micro-soldering and other technical processes. However, if the motherboard is damaged beyond repair, replacements might be required.

Is the pickup and drop service free?

Yes! To book an appointment, visit our website or contact +91 88844-45432 now

Can I get a quote for the replacement before anything is started?

Yes, we have a policy of giving you the entire payment structure before your smartphone is sent for repair/replacement. Your consent is required for us to start working on it.

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