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There’s not a lot of things that are as frustrating as trying to speak to someone on the phone and not being able to hear them. Whether it’s a network issue or a hardware one, the entire call experience can get disrupted due to interruption in the sound of the device. If you’re experiencing sound quality and volume issues on your phone even when you have quality network access, there is a high chance that you have a hardware problem on your hands. In most cases, sound issues are not major issues and can be fixed with a simple restart. However, if you see that no software fixes are working to get your audio on again, our Smartphone Audio Repair service in Bangalore is ready to help you!

Things you can try to fix your audio issues

Here are some steps you can take to fix your smartphone’s audio issues if you’re not sure if it is a hardware or a software problem.

Check the audio levels in Settings

Oftentimes, the reason you’re not getting any sound out of your speakers is because your device is on Do Not Disturb or Silent mode. To check this, you must open the Settings app on your smartphone and toggle these settings. Make sure that you adjust the volume levels with your volume rocker before you try to play the sounds or connect a phone call again.

Check if you have devices connected to Bluetooth

For Android users, e̊eping your Bluetooth turned on can be a convenience as well as an inconvenience. Oftentimes, your phone connects to available Bluetooth devices around your workplace or home and relays sound signals to the device instead of using the inbuilt speakers of your phone. This will confuse most users when they try to figure out why their speakers aren’t functioning. Make sure your Bluetooth is turned off and your phone isn’t connected to external headphones via a cable.

Test your sound on a headset

If you see that your speakers aren’t working, test your sound levels on Bluetooth or AUX headset. This test will give you a fair idea about the hardware of the phone and whether the speakers are faulty. If you can’t hear anything through the speakers but can listen to music via connected headphones, the speaker hardware might be at fault. However, if you see that the music doesn’t play even then, there is either a software issue with your phone or a motherboard issue in the hardware.

Reset your phone

If nothing else works, resetting your phone might. This resets your motherboard to the way it was when the phone was first bought. Make sure you take an extensive backup of all sensitive and important files from your phone before you reset your device.

If nothing works…

Come on over to our Smartphone Audio Repair service in Koramangala for an extensive checkup of your smartphone. If you live far away and don’t want to make the trip yourself, sign up for our free pickup and delivery service!

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Read our FAQs

Are there chances for audio issues after liquid damage?

Yes, if your speakers have been exposed to water, the odds are that they might have been eroded internally.

What do I do if the speakers aren’t working but external headphones are?

Your speakers might have developed some issues over time, especially if your device is reasonably old. Sign up for our pickup and drop service for a checkup now!

Audio cracks at full volume. Solutions?

Change the software you’re using to play the audio or get the device to us for a dust/water cleanup in your speaker grill.

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