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All smartphones work on batteries. That is what makes them mobile and portable. However, the batteries used in smartphones are consumable and wear off over time. Even though they can be recharged as per convenience of the user, the efficiency of the battery weakens as the device becomes older. Hence, the battery life of the smartphone also comes down significantly. However, this does not mean that the software efficiency of the smartphone falls. Oftentimes, the smartphone works perfectly in all other regards except for the battery and a simple battery replacement can make the device as good as new. For users who don’t want to spend their money on a new phone when the one they have is working perfectly fine, our Smartphone Battery Repair service in Bangalore can help you in no time!

Tips to keep your smartphone battery healthy

With extensive usage, your smartphone batteries begin to wane. To keep them healthy, there are certain practices you can engage in. Performing these simple acts for a long, consistent period of time will keep your batteries healthy and help them retain their efficiency for a long time.

Keep your battery from reaching 0% or 100% often

Calibrating the battery throughout its cycle does not help it last longer. This misconception continued from lead acid batteries that were used before lithium-ion. Now, with the advent of advanced technologies in batteries, discharging your battery fully at 100% compared to 60% can halve the lifespan. Try to aim for a maximum of 90% and charge your phone before it hits 20%.

Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth if you’re not using them

One common drain on your battery life is the usage of features like WiFi and Bluetooth. While you shouldn’t worry about battery life when you are using these features, shutting them off when you’re not can do wonders for your battery life. If you have an Android phone, you can turn on the feature where WiFi shuts down automatically if there are no known networks in range.

Don’t close your apps, manage them

Closing apps after using them (or removing their processes from the background) can actually consume more battery life because it takes even more power to restart them once they’re closed. Hence, if you think that you’re using an app frequently throughout the day, don’t bother closing them to save battery.

Keep brightness down

Brightness can be incredibly tasking on your battery because the screen is the primary consumer of battery life at all times. Keeping brightness lowered will conserve energy and make sure you have more usage out of your phone if you’re commuting or forgot to bring your charger with you.

Battery replacements at Soldrit

We use the best-in-class equipment to replace the phone’s batteries. Not only do we have experienced staff and sophisticated tools to replace your battery, we use quality replacements that work just as well as first-party replacements.

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Read our FAQs

Can you replace an inbuilt battery?

Yes, we do have the technology to replace inbuilt batteries.

Does the phone remain waterproof after battery replacement?

No, although we do try our best to make sure everything is airtight.

Is there a warranty on the replacement?

Yes, Soldrit offers a ___ month warranty on all its battery replacements.

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