Laptop Battery Replacement in Bangalore


There is a very strong reason why laptops are becoming the new normal instead of desktops. So many people are making the shift from a desktop PC to a laptop of any kind because they want to benefit from the increased portability that a laptop computer offers. With the batteries that are embedded in the computer, you can use your computer and connect to the internet even when you don’t have a power source or a charger with you. This has revolutionized the computer industry.

Common issues that warrant a battery replacement

1.Laptop doesn’t work unless it is plugged in – If your computer has to be constantly plugged in for it to work, you can’t enjoy the portability that comes with having such a machine. Hence, if you cannot get any work out of your computer without having to connect it to a power source, your batteries have become dysfunctional. It is time to replace them.
2 .The computer shuts down randomly with a healthy battery percentage – If your battery is not working properly, it might display false percentage numbers on the screen or even discharge suddenly when you’re working while disconnected from a power supply
3.Laptop does not turn on until it is fully charged – This issue is actually very commonly experienced when the battery has been used extensively over a long period of time. In such cases, a replacement is the only viable solution
4.Less usage between charges – If your usage is decreasing between charges, you might have to replace your battery at some point. This is because all batteries lose their efficiency over time and the more you wait for a replacement, the more you are worsening your usage experience

Causes of a reduce in battery efficiency

Usually, laptop batteries become inefficient before their time if the laptop is used under a very high workload every single day. Subjecting the laptop to an intensive task load continuously for extended periods of time without letting it rest is a cause for the overwork of batteries. Batteries can also become inefficient if the laptop dies after complete usage. It is always better to keep charging your computer throughout the day when you are working so that there is no scope for your laptop dying completely.

Battery replacement of laptop at Soldrit

Here at Soldrit, we have experts who make sure that your battery replacement is done correctly. These professional tech experts have years of experience under their belts diagnosing and fixing laptops of all kinds. Our battery replacements are exceptionally high-quality. We use third-party hardware that is sourced from around the world to make sure that you get exactly the same experience with your battery life when the replacement is done. We try very hard to keep our customers satisfied with our impeccable customer service and years of experience in delivering excellence. Hence, at our Laptop Battery Replacement Service Near Me, we assure you that all problems related to your laptop can be fixed in no time! So, what are you waiting for?

Doorstep Laptop Repair in Bangalore

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Is there a way for me to figure out what the problem with my laptop is without having to replace parts?

Yes! With a consultation appointment with our experts, you can show us your device and we will tell you everything that is wrong with its battery or any other part. While this consultation is charged nominally, you have the advantage of having the choice of getting it repaired or replaced or neither! To book a free pickup and delivery service for your laptop, visit our website or call us now!

Why do batteries degrade over time?

All batteries are consumable and it is very difficult to prolong their life beyond a certain time. Since they will decrease in efficiency over time one way or the other, it is better to get a replacement in time so you don’t have to compromise on comfort.

Are good quality batteries used in your replacements?

We use highest-grade lithium-ion batteries for your replacements. What’s more is that we offer a warranty for every laptop battery we replace. We’ll be happy to take a look at your device for free if you run into problems with a replaced component.

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