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The Apple Watch continues to be a very popular option in the market for people looking for a smartwatch. This trend in the market where people prefer Apple Watches over any other smartwatch in this category is unlikely to change anytime soon too. These smartwatches are coming up with powerful batteries that last the entire day or even two with moderate usage. However, with constant health-tracking, notifications, calls, speaker usage and data consumption, batteries last far less than Apple claims they will. Over time, charging issues with the watches are not uncommon which further exacerbate the problem instead of relieving it. Here, we offer you some insights into how charging issues occur in iWatches and how our service, iWatch Charging Issue Repair Koramangala is adept at solving them:

Issues and Solutions

Here are some of the issues that you can face if your watch starts to have a charging issue or does not charge as well as it did when it was relatively new:

  • The watch takes significantly longer to charge – Compared to when it was new, a watch with a charging issue might take twice the amount of time (or more) to charge from 0 to 100%. This might indicate an issue you have in the charging dock of the watch or the chargers that you use
  • The device gets very hot while charging – While it is normal for the device to give out some heat while it is charging due to the change in energy forms, there is an issue if your charging brick or the device gets burning hot. In such cases, it is advisable not to plug your device in and get it to our repair centre as soon as possible. To prevent heating of the device or the plug, we recommend using Apple’s first-party chargers and cables only.
  • The watch is plugged in but it won’t turn on – If your watch ran out of juice and you plugged it in overnight only to find out that the device hasn’t charged at all, you must try changing your socket or your wire to fix the problem. If nothing does it, there is an issue with the charging dock of the device and its connection to the battery. To diagnose the watch completely, we will have to open it up. Get it to our experts now!

Why You Should Choose Soldrit

Here at Soldrit, we have the best technicians that you can get anywhere in India. We have incredible experience in fixing all issues with Apple products, including the Apple Watch. We are aware of the problems that most Apple Watches face (like chagrin issues) and we are more than capable of fixing them permanently. With our sophisticated equipment, machinery and technical knowhow, we assure you that you will not be disappointed!

Doorstep iWatch Repair in Bangalore

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Read our FAQs

Is heating up of the device normal when it is charging?

Yes, it is normal for the plug or the device to get hot while they are charging the device, especially if you are using it while plugged in. However, it must never reach burning temperatures. If you think that either the device or the plug is getting too hot, disconnect immediately and visit our service agents right away.

How do I get the device from my residence to your service station?

We offer a completely free pickup and drop delivery for your Apple products right from your doorstep. To book your pickup and diagnosis appointment, visit our website or call us now!

Do you offer a warranty on the repairs that you make to the Apple Watch?

Yes! All repairs made by Soldrit and all our replacements come with a ___ month service warranty.

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