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Apple Watches are beautiful examples of how wearable tech is able to seamlessly integrate fitness and health-oriented features with modern telecommunication. Apple Watches work both with or without an iPhone and provide a great user experience. They enable you to be on top of your work and your personal life without having to check your phone every second. The great look and design of the latest watches don’t hurt either. Apple Watches are fast, smooth and work great for long periods of time if used well. However, just like with any other piece of modern tech, the batteries in the Watch are prone to becoming less efficient over time. If you’re a regular Apple Watch user, you are aware of the deterioration of the battery over long periods of time, especially if the watch has been used extensively for sports and health tracking.
For a battery issue with the Apple Watch, we have a specialized iWatch Battery Replacement Koramangala service centre where we replace batteries, screens or even LCD panels for broken watches.

How To Find Out If You Need A Battery Replacement

Here are some of the symptoms you can see in your Watch if you need a battery replacement.

  • The watch doesn’t last as long between charges – If you are noticing the fall in the battery life of the watch after extensive usage, a battery replacement is due for you. All lithium-ion batteries are prone to becoming less efficient over time because of the depletion in their charge cycles. When the charge cycles specified by Apple diminish, the battery of the device starts to perform with less efficiency. That is the reason why a battery replacement is often needed in all sorts of tech, especially when you’re using it in the long run.
  • The watch shuts down randomly while usage – If the iWatch shuts down while it still has a healthy percentage of battery remaining, you might have a problem on your hands. Your battery, in this case, has deteriorated a lot and does not hold enough charge to power your watch throughout the day. In this case, a battery replacement must be made as soon as possible to ensure that other components are not affected by a sudden power cut inside the device occurring repeatedly.

If you face any of these issues…

Your iPad has incurred some damage to the hardware speakers. This might be a result of dropping your iPad in water, excess amounts of dust inside the speakers or even an impact on the device which had a direct effect on the speakers. Although it is unlikely that your speakers will have to be replaced completely, there is a chance of irreparable damage.

Doorstep iWatch Repair in Bangalore

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Do you offer a warranty of any kind on your battery replacements?

For Soldrit, customer satisfaction is the number one priority. Hence, we do offer a ___month warranty on all our replacements for Apple watches, including the battery. For your convenience, we also have a free pickup and drop service! To book an appointment with one of our technicians or to send your device through our delivery partners, visit our website or call +91 88844-45432 now!

Should I charge my battery overnight to fix the battery issues?

While supercharging your battery might fix temporal and small issues, it does nothing for a battery which has lost its efficiency over time. All batteries are consumable and hence, there is not a lot you can do to preserve it after its time. 

What are some steps I can take to prolong the life of my battery?

Here are some steps you can take;

  • Prefer frequent small charges over a single, long charge
  • Do not overuse your battery to the point of 10% or lower regularly
  • Plug in with first-party charging cables and charging bricks

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