iWatch Cracked Screen Repair in Bangalore

What is an iWatch screen made up of?

The Apple Watch, also known as the iWatch is made up of several components glued together to form a single, compact device that makes your life easier. Here are some components of the iWatch:

The front glass and screen

The front glass or the screen is the part of the watch that you interact with. This is the part of the device that is touched and used most when using the watch.


The digitizer is the part of the device that is placed in the watch to make the touch sensor work properly. This is usually made from a very thin and transparent plastic material that is responsible for facilitating the interaction of the watch with the user. The digitizer is connected to the next layer with the help of a flex cable.

The LCD display

The Liquid Crystal Display is an ultra-thin and tiny computer monitor that is responsible for displaying the graphics and the images that you see on the watch. The interface of the watch with the user is handled by this part of the device. This is naturally the most expensive part of the entire model and has to be attached with the digitizer and the outer screen very carefully for it to work efficiently.

Replacement of your iWatch screen at Soldrit

If you want your cracked iWatch screen to be replaced or repaired, we have to figure out the problem with the device first. The technicians we have working for us at Soldrit are very experienced in their fields and have the requisite expertise to operate state-of-the-art equipment to replace the screen on your watch.

  • If the front glass is cracked but the display (LCD which is responsible for showing you the graphics and animations) is working well, you have nothing to worry about. In these cases, only the outermost portions of the device have been compromised and you will only need a glass or digitizer replacement.
  • However, if you see that the glass on your watch has cracked and there are blurred or darkened spots on your device’s screen, it means the LCD itself has been compromised. In this case, repairs cannot be made and the LCD will have to be completely replaced. 

Replacement process

At our iWatch Cracked Screen Repair Near Me service, we make sure that your iWatch is fixed completely. When you bring us the device, we run diagnostic tests to figure out the damage that is already done to the device. Following the results of the diagnosis, we figure out the cost of replacing the components of the watch corresponding to what has been broken.
Diagnostic tests are started by loosening the damaged screen from the main body of the watch. This is one of the most time-consuming steps of the cooperation and is done with a lot of precision to make sure that no internal damage occurs during this step. The screen is then disconnected from the computing elements of the watch. If it is the screen that has been damaged, state-of-the-art equipment is needed to remove the damaged glass from the LCD and the digitizer and replace the glass without compromising the integrity of the LCD.
Once this is completed, the entire assembly is glued back once again with utmost precision and accuracy.

Doorstep iWatch Repair in Bangalore

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Read our FAQs

Will the watch be waterproof after the repair?

A: No. Since the watches get sealed very well by Apple when they are initially produced, water resistance after a screen replacement cannot be achieved by any company other than Apple themselves. If you regularly subject your iWatch to water, please note that even though Apple says their watch is waterproof, they do not include any defects in its water resistance under their service warranty for the watch.

A: For Soldrit, customer satisfaction is the number one priority. Hence, we do offer a ___month warranty on all our replacements for Apple watches, including the battery. For your convenience, we also have a free pickup and drop service! To book an appointment with one of our technicians or to send your device through our delivery partners, visit our website or call +91 88844-45432 now!

Can I try removing the screen by myself?

Because the screen is stuck with adhesives to the digitizer and to the LED panel, we recommend you not to attempt to do so. There is a high chance that the LED will be damaged beyond repair. Highly sophisticated machinery and technical expertise is needed to do so in dust-free labs.

Do blue spots emerge on the screen after cracking?

Usually, a slightly cracked screen or digitizer will only warrant a cleaning and replacement, blue spots can indicate some damage to the LED panel as well. 

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