iWatch Logic Board Repair in Bangalore


Here are some issues that you might witness if your watch has a faulty logic board:

1.It is choppy in performance – If your Apple Watch does not work very well with in-built applications or lags when it should be performing smoothly, try restarting your device. If the problem persists and does not get fixed with a software update, you might have to get your logic board replaced
2.If your watch has suffered liquid damage – If you use your watch while swimming or in the rain and water seeps into the device, there is a high chance that the logic board will stop functioning. While Apple claims that their devices are completely water resistant, they do not include liquid damage under their service warranty.
3.The device shuts down abruptly and does not recover – If you are using an app on the device and it shuts down randomly (like it did with a lot of our customers), you just might be out of luck. Your watch might have shut down due to a technical glitch and you can always see if restarting it works. If it doesn’t, send your device over to our iWatch Logic Board Repair Koramangala service for a full diagnosis!

Symptoms of a logic board problem

If you have an Apple watch and you suspect that water or other liquids might have seeped into the device, here are some symptoms to look out for:’

  • The device shuts down randomly – If your watch has undergone liquid damage recently, you might notice a sudden shutdown of the watch while you are using it. This might be due to the water or liquid reaching the circuitry of the watch under the LCD panel and eroding the metals used to make complex components. In this case, there is a high chance that your device won’t start up again. To prevent the watch from getting into a worse state, it is advisable to bring the watch over to our experts as soon as possible so that the water can be removed before it erodes the logic board.
  • The screen appears to be distorted or hazy – The seeping of water under the panel of the watch is something that can wreak havoc to the sensitive LCD panel on the watch. LCD panels are very vulnerable to outside elements and get compromised at the slightest bit of contamination. If your screen has gone hazy and you’re aren’t able to make out the graphics properly after spilling liquid, there’s a high chance that your LCD panel will need to be replaced.

How Soldrit works on logic board repairs

To fix logic board problems, our expert technicians open up the watch to remove the screen and the LCD from the watch. Very carefully, the logic board is removed and is connected with sophisticated machinery that works to determine the different problems that the watch might have. Logic boards are incredibly complex components of the computer and hence, they have to be handled with a certain degree of technical expertise. Our technicians have years of experience fixing Apple devices and making them as good as new. Logic board repairs also require the usage of extremely sophisticated equipment to handle wire integrations and soldering. At Soldrit, we make sure that customer satisfaction is the top-most priority. Hence, we offer a replacement warranty for all replacements made in your watch for a limited time frame.

Doorstep iWatch Repair in Bangalore

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What is the process for getting an appointment?

We have a physical store where you can bring us your device for an immediate diagnosis and quote. However, if you don’t want to come all the way to the store yourself, you can also arrange a free pickup and drop for your watch by visiting our website or call us at the numbers above; we’ll be happy to take care of the watch for you!

Does a logic board replacement take a lot of time to perform?

Absolutely not! With our specialised technicians and highly sophisticated equipment in place, we usually get all of our iWatch logic board replacements done in under ___ days!

What does the pickup and delivery service cost for the iWatch?

Our pickup and delivery service for the Apple Watch is completely free! To book your appointment, visit our website or call us at +91 88844-45432 now!

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