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iMacs are the ultimate workspace computers out there. Used in millions of workspaces around the world, they have become some of the most trusted desktop computers in the 21st century. The thin bezels, the crisp screen and superb performance make them irresistible to all consumers in the market for an all rounded work machine. However, most computers like these have very vulnerable screens that are prone to office accidents and general mishaps. Hence, if you own an iMac that has a broken screen or an LCD panel that does not work very responsively, you’re in the right place! We have one of the best iMac Screen Repair services in Bangalore, trusted for years by thousands of customers now.

Why iMac screens are great

The latest iMac screens feature amazing displays that draw you into an amazing experience, no matter whether you’re consuming video content or integrating a spreadsheet. With 5K Retina displays, these screens are some of the best in the world. The latest iMacs go up to 500 nits of brightness and make colors pop out like no other. With Apple’s True Tone technology, these iMacs also give you a very natural looking experience that is enhanced by a nano-texture glass that reduces glare and lets you work for longer hours at a time.

Common issues you can face on an iMac

Here are some of the issues that are most commonly faced by users when they’re using their iMac:

  • iMac shuts down randomly – If your computer is shutting down randomly, check your battery percentage. If you see a decent percentage there, you have a different kind of problem. While this might be a logic board issue, there are high chances that if your computer is shutting down without closing down its CPU processes (which continue to run in the background), you might have a permanent screen damage issue which warrants a complete display change
  • You see a black screen most of the time when you start up the computer – A failed screen startup when your computer processes have booted is one of the several surefire symptoms of a screen damage issue. If you are presented with a completely blue or black screen when you start up your iMac, there is a high chance that your display panel is malfunctioning
  • Screen flickers – Flickering screens are another indication of a screen damage situation where your screen’s hardware isn’t connected with your logic board. This can be the case due to a variety of reasons.

Visible blue/black spots on some parts of the screen – Big/small blue spots on the screen that won’t go away no matter how many times you restart your computer indicates screen damages that usually occur due to a crack in the inner LCD panel or water damage inside the system.

Why you should choose Soldrit

  • Quality services at a reasonable price
  • Warranty for all replaced parts
  • Experienced professionals
  • Sophisticated laboratory machinery
  • Free pickup and drop service

Doorstep iMac Repair in Bangalore

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Read our FAQs

What happens if my screen isn’t fixed after replacement?

We provide a service warranty for up to ___ days after your replacement for all replaced parts.

How do I bring my entire iMac to your service centre?

Most products are brought to us by our free pickup and drop service. Register for it at our website now!

Are original parts used for replacements?

No, but we make sure that our third-party replacements are sourced from reliable locations around the world, all of which are rigorously tested for performance.

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