iMac Logic Board Repair in Bangalore


The logic board of every computer produced by Apple is the main component that integrates all others. It is this part of the computer that is responsible for carrying out the normal, everyday functioning of a computer. With the failure of a logic board, one can expect a computer to crash and stop working entirely. The same is the issue with iMacs. Being the best desktop computers in the world for productivity and efficiency does not save them from the troubles that come with having such complex CPUs. If the brain of your computer is faulty and needs some repair, you are at the right place!

While testing and diagnosing logic board failures are very hard, they can be done under the supervision of experienced technicians and sophisticated equipment. That is exactly what we offer to you as one of the best iMac Logic Board Repair services in Koramangala. With the best of engineers and repair staff and a clean, efficient lab loaded with state-of-the-art equipment, we can fix any and all logic boards that come with iMacs.

The most common causes of a logic board failure in an iMac

Here are some of the most common causes of logic board malfunctions in iMacs.

Liquid damage

Liquid spilling is something that is very common in workplaces and households. When liquid gets inside of a computer, it is only a matter of time before it reaches the logic board. Because the insides of a computer are very prone to corrosion at the slightest bit of exposure to moisture, there is a high chance that the seeping of water or any other liquid inside the computer would wreak havoc on the internal components. In this case, the first thing you should do is disconnect the computer from its power source and get it sent to our service centre for a deep clean. Under no circumstances should you try to open the computer by yourself and try to get it working again. That can be dangerous due to the involvement of several high-powered components inside the hardware.


In general, overheating for every computer is bad. All parts of the computer need efficient cooling and a range of optimal temperatures for them to run at their maximum efficiency. The CPU and the video card of the computer often draw a lot of computing power from the logic board and generate heat. If this heat is not efficiently dissipated by the computer, it is only a matter of time before the computer begins to thermal throttle and grind to a halt. Over time, repeated

Signs of a faulty logic board

  • HDMI/MIDI ports won’t work
  • Incredibly dim screen
  • Computer shutting down at random times
  • Very high reboot time

Why choose Soldrit for your iMac repairs

  • We have a clean, dust-free laboratory where cleaning of your device is efficient and effective
  • Our technicians have years of hard work and knowledge under their belt when it comes to repairing logic board issues
  • We provide our experts with the best tools and equipment that the industry has to offer
  • Soldrit also has an inclusive warranty policy for all replaced parts

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Read our FAQs

How can I protect my logic board?
  • Keep it clean
  • Make sure that your cooling system is efficient and is working at optimum capacity
  • Take care not to spill liquids on your computer or expose it to particularly dusty environments
Do logic boards get worn out due to extensive usage?

While logic boards are made to last years on end, frequently being exposed to high heat and dusty environments can wear it down.

How do I book an appointment in Bangalore?

You can book an appointment by visiting our website or calling us at +91 88844-45432.

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