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What are the different parts of an iPad screen?

1.Liquid-crystal display – This is the single most expensive hardware part of the entire iPad. The 9.7-inch diagonal, thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display supports more than 200,000 colors. The screen is connected to the main body of the device by the use of a flex cable.

2.Capacitive touch sensors/integrated touch sensor – This material responds when brought into contact by a finger. The two types of sensors differ in the respect of integration with the OLED panel; while the capacitive touch sensors are attached manually, an integrated touch sensor is built into the display panel itself.

3.Capacitive touch Outer glass – Depending on the model, the outer glass in few iPad models is a separate part which is also integrated with the capacitive touch sensor. A few iPad models come with a fused LCD and the outer glass, just like an iPhone. However, the outer glass is most likely to break first due to the surface area tension that comes with the large display size of the iPad.

If you notice that there is no audio coming out of the device, either from the speakers or through wired headphones, you might have an issue on your hands. To make sure you have a hardware audio problem and not a glitch in the app that you’re using, you should make absolutely sure what the case is. To do this, use an app, play a game, watch Netflix or another video app or use Facetime. If none of these give you an audio output even after restarting the device, you might have to ask for iPad Audio Issue Repair Bangalore.

Common iPad Screen Issues

  • Broken outer glass or OLED panel – This issue is fairly common amongst iPad users. Screens shatter due to accidental impact, too much strain, or rough usage. Although these screens are made of Corning Gorilla Glass which is one of the strongest screens the world has seen yet, screens often shatter when you drop your device to the ground.

Common observations:

  • Black spots on the screen
  • Discolored areas
  • Blurred sections on the screen
  • The screen stays completely black even after booting
  • Lines or patterns that aren’t cracks

Worry not, though. We’ll be delighted to fix that screen for you!

  • Unresponsive screen – “I didn’t drop the device, there are no cracks, and the screen looks as good as ever, but I’m not getting any response when I touch it.” This is one of the most common issues customers bring their iPads to us with. In most cases, the touch sensor has broken or has stopped working, and hence, even though the display is working well, the device isn’t able to register your touch.

Common observations:

  • No response from the device when touched
  • Home or screen lock buttons working well
  • No cracks or damages on the screen

Original displays used in iPads

The display components used in iPads are sourced by Apple from different manufacturers. The company does not make its own components but rather, partners with other manufacturers like Corning and Samsung for their parts. The reason why Apple’s displays are better than other displays is that they enforce a very strict code of quality assurance on the manufacturer, refusing to accept anything below the standards prescribed by the former.

The display replacements we use at Soldrit

At our Pad Touch Screen Repair near me service, we have valued customer satisfaction and quality assurance above all else. Hence, we make sure that the displays we provide to you are high-quality and close to perfect every single time. While we do not use original Apple-certified displays for replacements, we do use the ones that come excitingly close to them in terms of performance, functionality, and build quality. We are confident of the quality we provide to you and hence, we offer a 12-month warranty on the display every time you get it done from us.

Note: Warranty only includes replacement or repair in case of manufacturing defects, not physical and accidental damage.

Doorstep iPad Touch Screen Repair in Bangalore

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Read our FAQs

I dropped my iPad and the screen shattered. Now, I can’t use the device because it has stopped responding to touch. I can also see several black spots on the screen along the line of the cracks. What should I do?

It is probable that you have broken your OLED panel on your iPad as well as your touch sensor. While iPads use touch glass and even tougher adhesives to bind everything together, dropping your device on the ground can have serious consequences. However, all is not lost. We specialize in tasks that warrant a screen and touch sensor replacement. Our service agents and specialists have tools and machines that can fix your display so well that the device will perform like it’s brand new. We suggest you arrange a free pick-up and drop on our contact number above to get your iPad fixed in no time. Good luck!

My iPad has stopped responding to touch. I have tried using an Apple Pen and that isn’t working either. There are no visible cracks or black spots. Is there a solution?

Definitely! It seems like your integrated/fused touch sensor has either stopped working or is broken. The only way to fix this is to either repair or replace the touch sensor. Worry not! We have specialized equipment that can fix your touch sensor in no time. To arrange a pick-up and drop for your iPad, contact the number above. It’s free!

Does Soldrit arrange for pick up and delivery of the iPad?

So glad you asked! Yes, Soldrit makes sure that customers face no problems when they get their repairs done. Hence, we arrange for the free pickup and delivery of the device from your doorstep for repairs. This service is absolutely FREE!

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