iPad Logic Board Repair in Bangalore


Logic boards for devices produced by Apple are essential ‘motherboards’ that are present in non-Apple devices. The term ‘logic boards’ was coined by Apple in the early 1980s for their macintosh computers. However, with the passage of time, the term stuck and hence, all motherboards on Apple devices like Macintosh computers and iPads are referred to as logic boards. Logic boards on Macintosh computers and iPads are used to plug in components like CPU, RAM, hard drives and optical drives to the same integrated interface. The main function of the logic board is to completely operate the machine. In essence, the Logic Board of the iPad is the entire device – it is responsible for providing additional hardware services to all components of the device.

Common Issues Faced On iPad Logic Boards

If you are facing the following symptoms on your iPad, there might be strong reason to believe that your logic board is broken or not performing somehow.

  • iPad not turning on
  • iPad getting heated up uncharacteristically or without a large computing load
  • iPad switching off randomly during regular usage
  • Error messages displayed on the iPad

Logic Board Repair Process

Logic boards, being such important and crucial components of the hardware of the device, are very complex to handle and understand. Because the logic board involves various components such as integrated circuits, capacitors, diodes etc, only technically qualified people should handle its repairs. Fortunately, here at Soldrit, we have some of the best iPad Logic Board Repair near me infrastructure in India. Not only that, we also have considerable experience in the field, handling iPads with all sorts of defects and accidental damage to the logic board. At Soldrit, we have lots of precision tools and experienced engineers who can repair your logic board in no time. Logic board repairs usually take 5-7 days of time for complete repairs since they are so complex. This time frame is in no way absolute because the time taken also depends on the complexity of the damage that has occurred to the logic board.

What Might Require A Logic Board Repair

If your iPad has been in these circumstances, it is most likely that the logic board of the device has been compromised. However, this list is not exhaustive in any way. The only way to know for sure is to make an appointment with one of our specialists at the physical Soldrit store or with the online pickup and delivery service.

  • iPad falls in water and is soaked completely
  • Any other sticky or runny liquid soaks the device
  • iPad is exposed to extremely high temperatures or extremely low temperatures for a prolonged time
  • iPad sustains sudden and strong impact with the ground or other hard surfaces to the extent that the body is bent and the screen is shattered

Doorstep iPad Logic Board Repair in Bangalore

Now book our service at your convenience or walk into our service center or search ipad logic board repair center near me


Read our FAQs

QDoes Soldrit arrange for pick up and delivery of the iPad? If so, what are the charges for this service?

Soldrit makes sure that customers face no problems when they get their repairs done. Hence, we arrange for the free pickup and delivery of the device from your doorstep for repairs. This service is absolutely FREE! So, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with our engineers now!

What if there are some issues after the logic board gets repaired?

All repairs done at Soldrit come with a warranty (time period of warranty may vary depending on the complexity of the repair). During this warranty, any defects that arise from the repair can be fixed at Soldrit free of cost!

How do I know if my iPad’s logic board is faulty?

Unfortunately, there is no way by which you can know for sure. We suggest you get an appointment with one of our engineers at the Soldrit store or with our free pickup and drop service so that we can get to the bottom of the issue.

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