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iPhone 7 screen Replacement Cost in Bangalore

September 29, 2022

iPhone 7 screen Replacement Cost in Bangalore

It has become a part of our daily lives to have an iPhone these days. Our daily activities are dependent on them. You would do a Google search for iPhone 7 screen price in Bangalore when we finally met up with a nightmare of a broken screen. We are here to help you, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us. In this field, brands like SOLDRIT have been experts for a long time. Due to our experience both in domestic and international markets, Soldrit has become the first choice for Brand + issues. Other brands of smartphones, laptops, and tablets can also be repaired and serviced by us. With Soldrit, any type of device can be repaired at your doorstep at any time. One of our strongest points is that we pride ourselves on repairing and fixing most devices that have already been spoiled.

There are two types of iPhone screens offered by Soldrit: Standard quality and OEM quality. A standard or compatible quality iPhone 7 screen costs 3550 INR, which includes a 3-month warranty. As for the cost of an original or OEM quality iPhone 7 screen, it’s 5310 INR, which comes with a 3-month warranty. 

You will receive free doorstep pickup and delivery service at any address in Bangalore, and the replacement will be completed within one day. You can also send your iPhone from any Bangalore address with the help of any trusted delivery partner, but first, please confirm with us. Along with doorstep service, all issues other than physical damage or liquid damage are covered. To get your screen replaced, you can also walk into our service center which is located in Koramangala. 


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iPhone screen replacement cost in Bangalore: 


iPhone 7 Screen Replacement  Cost  Warranty Period 
Standard or Compatible Quality  3550 3 Months 
OEM or Original Quality 5310 3 Months 


Why should you repair your iPhone screen? 

Screens are a major component of iPhones and can be considered the most expensive part. It might be worth thinking about if you want to sell your device right now. When you sell your iPhone with a broken display, how much will you get?

In addition, if your screen is damaged, water and dust are much more likely to damage your iPhone. It is possible for these things to damage your entire smartphone by gaining access to its internal components through a cracked screen. 

Thus, Soldrit provides clients with an easy way to have their devices repaired if the display is damaged.


iPhone screen replacement service at Soldrit

Quality: The OEM or original quality iPhone 7 screen has the same technical specifications as the genuine Apple screen. Compared to OEM quality screens, standard quality or compatible quality iPhone 7 screens have a lower resolution. Ultimately, service quality depends on the expertise of the technician. 

Warranty: Both OEM and standard quality screens are covered by a 3-month warranty. There is an additional charge if you need an extended warranty. Damage caused by liquids and physical objects is not covered under warranty. 

Doorstep delivery: Set up an appointment and our technicians will come to your place or office within a day. Avail of our free pickup and delivery service anywhere in Bangalore.

Payment: PhonePe, Gpay, PayTM, UPI, card and cash are all accepted. 

You may not realize how important your display is until you consider it for a while. In today’s world, having a broken smartphone display is useless. If you want to find out how much an iPhone 7 screen costs, you generally have two options. Depending on whether you are still covered by your warranty, you can either take it to the Apple store or take it to a local service center. 

Therefore, your best option is to schedule an appointment with us for a genuine repair by professionals. As a result, we are the best iPhone repair service center in Bangalore, fulfilling your repair requirements within your budget. This is the price on the market right now (October 2022). Depending on the situation, it may increase or decrease. We recommend that you confirm the price with our store technician at 8884445432 before replacing your iPhone screen. If you are in need of a screen replacement for your iPhone within a budget, we are always happy to assist you. On Google maps, you can find our location easily. We would appreciate it if you called ahead to let us know you are coming. 


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