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Which Apple Watch should you buy in 2022?

October 4, 2022

Which Apple Watch should you buy in 2022

What you want from a smartwatch determines what Apple Watch is right for you. Are you interested in tracking your fitness with an Apple Watch? Is it an extension of your iPhone? Are you looking for a device that can help you in certain emergencies? 

Many apple watch models are capable of doing all of these things, but some are better at it than others. In spite of the limited differences between Apple’s annual refreshes, every new apple watch generation has some unique advantages that make it the best smartwatch available. Apple watches are always getting better. 

Apple watches series 8, apple watch ultra, and apple watch SE (2022) all follow this trend. With this lineup of smartwatches, there is something to suit everyone. However, the original apple watch SE and 2017’s apple watch series 3 are no longer available. 

It might still be possible to find those models, as well as the apple watch series 7 with the best apple watch deals as retailers clear out stock, as well as the apple watch series 6 as well. There may be pre-owned apple watch series 5 and earlier models available online as people upgrade. However, only series 4 and newer devices are eligible for watchOS software updates. 

The following is a list of the best Apple watches of 2022.


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Currently, which Apple watch is the best?

It is the largest Apple Watch, and the series 8, is the best. It is not just the Apple Watch Series 8 that comes with Apple’s activity tracking sensors, an FDA-approved ECG monitor, an always-on display, and a dedicated app store that makes it a great product. As well as tracking sleep and cycles, it has a new skin temperature sensor. Additionally, it features crash detection and low power mode on the Apple Watch. 

While the Apple Watch SE (2022) lacks most of these features, it still makes a great alternative for first-time users and is probably the best apple watch for first-timers. It also comes with watchOS 9 and all the best apple watch apps. 

As well as the apple watch ultra, which we haven’t reviewed yet. As far as design, feature, battery life, and price are concerned, the apple watch series 8 and apple watch ultra differ significantly. 

Therefore, your decision depends on whether you want the Apple Watch Series 8 or Apple Watch SE (2022). Below are some comparisons you can take a look at. 


Here are the best apple watches on the market right now 

Apple watch series 8 (5 stars) 

Overall, this is the best apple watch  

Apple watch series 8
Apple watch series 8


Display: 41mm, 45mm

GPS: Yes

Heart Rate: Yes 

Swim Proof: Yes 

Battery Life: 18 hours 

LTE: Optional 

Music Storage: 32GB 


Reasons to buy:

  • Tracking your cycle and sleep with a skin temperature reader
  • A crash detection system
  • The new workout interface in watchOS 9
  • Mode for low power consumption


Reasons to avoid: 

  • The Apple Watch is similar to the previous model


There has never been a better apple watch than the Apple Watch 8. Although it has not received major updates over its predecessor, it still has the same great design and larger screen as its predecessor. In the apple watch series 8 versus Apple watch series 7, the ski temperature sensor has been added, which can inform cycle tracking and fertility tracking, in addition to sleep tracking. A low power mode was also introduced with the series 8, extending the battery life of the latest apple watch to 36 hours. A new crash detection feature on the apple watch 8 leverages improved motion sensors to provide instant assistance when you need it most. 

Aside from that, the apple watch series 8 is a full-featured health tracker and communication tool. Featuring watchOS 9, this smartwatch offers all the latest and greatest features available for Apple Watch. This smartwatch is perfect for anyone who wants to work out, answer phone calls from their wrist, or use the best Apple Watch apps


Apple watch SE (2022)  (4 stars) 

For first-timers, this is the best Apple watch 

Apple watch SE (2022)
Apple watch SE (2022)



Display: 40mm/44mm

Chip: S5 with 64-bit dual-core processor 

Water resistant: Yes 

Always-on screen: No

ECG and Blood Oxygen: No 


Reasons to buy: 

  • The user interface is fast and smooth
  • Design that is comfortable and wearable
  • A bright and clear screen
  • Background health features that are great
  • The overall fitness tracking is excellent


Reasons to avoid: 

  • An always-on screen is not available
  • The basics of sleep tracking
  • Sensors for blood oxygen or ECG are not available


Whether it’s the Apple Watch SE or another model, there is no doubt that it’s an outstanding smartwatch. Apple has cut back where it can for a more budget-friendly price, and you’ll notice it in general use. With all the convenience, fitness tracking, health and safety features iPhone users enjoy from the apple watch, it feels like a full Apple Watch experience. The application process is not open to Android users. 

If you are looking for your first apple watch, the SE is our top recommendation. For those who are willing to spend the extra money on the apple watch series 3, you will be glad you did it better in every way from the screen to the design to the sensors to being more future-proof thanks to the faster processor. Aside from better health features, these translate into more accurate heart sensing which is important for detecting irregularities and fall detection that series 3 does not offer.

If you have an older watch you want to replace, the Apple watch SE will make a great replacement if you bought it at launch or even earlier. Despite the fact that the core of the experience remains the same, we think it will still feel like an upgrade. 


Apple Watch Series 7 (4.5 stars) 

On sale now: the best apple watch

Apple Watch Series 7
Apple Watch Series 7



Display: 41mm and 45mm

Chip: S7 dual-core processor 

Water Resistant: Yes

Always-on Screen: Yes 

ECG and Blood Oxygen: Both 


Reasons to buy: 

  • New colorful models with excellent design
  • A larger screen with smaller bezels
  • Charging is fast
  • The interface is very slick and easy to use
  • Fitness and health features that are easy to use


Reasons not to buy: 

  • There is still only one day of battery life


In terms of smartwatches, the Apple Watch Series 7 is the best on the market right now. The smartwatch is one of the best-equipped and most well-supported wearables on the market, making it the best extension of your phone. With the number of apps and integrations, you can do everything from opening your garage door to checking the ocean tides from your wrist. While it’s not the most feature-rich fitness accessory – we’d recommend Garmin’s smartwatch for series athletes and outdoors people who want longer battery life and more training options – the series is closing some ground here as well. 

The Apple watch series 7 provides ECG monitoring, blood oxygen readings, and heart rate monitoring, making it the most comprehensive wearable health metric available. Combined with GPS, a compass, an always-on altimeter, fall detection, 50-meter water resistance, and cellular capabilities, you have a fitness companion you can take anywhere for tracking and safety. 

With Apple’s digital crown mechanism, you can navigate the watch intuitively, and there are a lot of fun case colours and band options to suit your styles, such as the Nike sports brand, trendy metal options, woven brands, and many others.

In addition to advanced running metrics, watchOS 9 will also bring advanced metrics to the Apple watch series 7.

Apple Watch Series 7 also features the largest display of any apple watch, thanks to its smaller bezels and one millimetre larger case than Series 6. There’s not much difference except that a QWERTY keyboard is available on the larger version. Yet it is capable of displaying larger text formats, which can prove to be a game changer for those with visual impairments.

The Apple watch series 7 is also the fastest charging apple watch, juicing up from 0 to 100 per cent in a little more than an hour in our testing when it has a coil charging system and a USB-C charger. Apple Watch models other than the Apple Watch take about half that time to charge. 

To be clear, the apple watch series 7 isn’t perfect like every other apple watch in this guide. In contrast, Apple smartwatches are supported by the widest array of third-party apps. Apple Watch apps aren’t all that similar to iPhone apps. There are some apps that are more useful than others. 

The biggest sacrifice you’ll make when owning an apple watch is its battery life, which lasts for about a day. Some smartwatches, such as those made by Garmin and Fitbit, can last up to a week, although they don’t offer the same app support. Yes, apple watches are still iPhone-only, and that is unlikely to change anytime soon. However, if you take it as a whole, and especially if you own an iPhone, the Apple Watch is far and away the best smartwatch platform available. For the majority of people, the apple watch series 7 offers the most complete offering right now.


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