MacBooks vs Windows: Which laptop is best for you?

MacBooks vs Windows: Which laptop is best for you?

The majority of laptop buyers, though, will need to make a significant choice before clicking “buy”: Should they choose one of Apple’s high-end MacBooks or explore the wide range of Windows 10 laptops available? We’re here to support you in that decision. When choosing between an Apple MacBook or the best Windows notebook, there is … Read more

A brief analysis of Intel and AMD processors

A brief analysis of Intel and AMD processors

Introduction Computers in the 21st century have a lot of different specifications: the processor, the CPU, the GPU, the display, processing power, performance, battery life and so on. With so many different variants of computers with different specifications being produced by so many computer manufacturers, there is a perfect device for just about everybody today. … Read more

Water Spilled on MacBook? Check out these 8 tips to protect your MacBook

Water Spilled on MacBook

Accidentally Water spilled in your MacBook? You aren’t the most effective person who loves to sip on something whilst operating on their MacBook, Water damage is a more common occurrence than you might think, There are many people all over the world who face this issue and successfully repair their laptops without spending hundreds of … Read more

How do I solve the iCloud Syncing Issues?

How do I solve the iCloud Syncing Issues

Introduction- Apple devices are known for working efficiently. One of the major credits for their fast and efficient devices goes to the impeccable iOS software created by Apple itself. One of the advantages of having iOS is how easy transfers are from one Apple device to another. The process is made so easy with the … Read more

Dell XPS 15 9510 vs Dell XPS 17 9710: which is better?

Dell XPS 15 9510 vs Dell XPS 17 9710: which is better?

Introduction Dell updated their brand new 15-inch and 17-inch laptops in the XPS category. In the recent past, the XPS 17 was the obvious choice for most customers who wanted raw computing and graphics performance for high-intensity tasks. However, with some recent upgrades that have come into the XPS 15, lots of people have started … Read more

Why Are iPhone’s Features Late, Compared To Android?

Why are iPhone’s features late, compared to Android?

Introduction Recently, Apple completed their World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC 2021) which is their most famous software launch event. They went over most of their new innovations, which included iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and the launch of MacOS Monterey. However, for a lot of smartphone enthusiasts, the new features that iPhone got this year seemed … Read more

Why Is Rental A Better Option Than Buying A Laptop

Rent MacBook in Bangalore Soldrit

Technological advancements have motivated people to invest in smart devices. This is evident from the 6% increase in laptop sales in the past year. Most people tend to use the laptop for work, gaming and entertainment. Though the device might be used for personal activities, it is rarely the priority. All businesses depend on technology … Read more